With 50 years of specialist knowledge of this milling machine BRAITHWAITES are the UK 's # 1 choice for rebuilding the Bridgeport milling machine.

Using setting gauges, precision squares, bedding plates and dedicated jigs acquired when the Bridlington site closed the quality and precision of the rebuild of your Bridgeport milling machine is assured.

Terry Braithwaite, founder of Braithwaite Rebuild, started a craft apparenticeship with Adcock and Shipley in 1968 . Adcock and Shipley , who later became Bridgeport machines, manufactured the Bridgeport under licence at the purpose built Bridlington site. A total of 50,000 Bridgeports where manufactured . Bridgeport produced over 300,000 machines in America. The Bridgeport is still the preferred manual machine for machinists and toolmakers. Ballscrews on the X and Y are now fitted as standard.

The column , knee  and saddle ways and vee,s reground.
Table top restored by plugging and /or filled with metal filler if viable prior to grinding.
Gib strips machined and low friction guide coat bonded to the bearing surface.
New metric elevation nut and screw, gears and bearings fitted.
The column , knee , ram and turret assembly are stripped and repainted.
Refit knee to column. The column gib strip is fitted with a max deflection of > .0005" top and bottom of knee.
The knee ways, vee's and the column gib strip are hand scraped to + / -> .0005" in 12" in both vertical planes at the top of the square.
Refit saddle and table. Maximum deflection on table and saddle strips .0003" at each end.
Table movement square in x axis square to movement in Y axis +/- >0005" in 9" .
Table top >.0005 to front of table movement in the Y axis.
An electric lube pump is fitted and all meters, pipes and manifolds are replaced.
Protection blinds for the column , knee top rear and knee top front are fitted has standard.
The X and Y axis lead screws are replaced with ballscrews . Fit new Align X axis power feed .
The table and saddle locks are replaced with clamps that work on the ballscrew . Thedeflection, lock pull and lock distortion are eliminated. The machines lock re-action on the X and Y axis with the DRO reading is cut down to an absolute minimum. New rigid handles replace the existing swing handles.
Accuracy , repeatability , operator confidence and efficiency are all greatly enhanced.
The J head is stripped. Main casting repainted .
New spindle bearings and taper regrind.
Replace worn out parts.
Strip vari-drive or belt drive. Replace bearings , pulleys , belts and hubs.
Replace external cables, conduits and pipes.
In addition we can supply the following .
Digital readout.
Align Y axis .
Align Z axis , controlled position and feed rate on the knee.
Align air power draw bar.
Splash tray.



Please e mail to braithwaite70@msn.com you have difficulty contacting by telephone.

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